Heart Rackets Rug


Quality 80 knot
Materials Wool & Silk
Sizes Available Length (m)Width (m) Price
Large 2.4 2.25 £2430
Medium 1.8 1.7 £1375
Small 1.5 1.4 £945
Select Size:

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tennis gifts, the tennis emporium, tennis, gift, tennis, gift

This weave blends five different colours seamlessly into one sumptuous rug, available only and exclusively to The Tennis Emporium for a truly luxurious feel. Guaranteed to add a lifetime of elegant chic to any room.

This rug hand woven to order in Nepal with every single knot tied off individually by professional weavers, using only the highest grade materials. It is ethically sourced, and created in eco friendly environments in completely child-labour free workshops. Each carpet is woven using a blend of 50% New Zealand and 50% Tibetan yarn, with the more intricate designs also containing some of the finest silk yarns as well. It has been woven at a very high grade, a 100 knot (thousand knots per square metre) in order to maximize its design potential.

Delivery times are 12-16 weeks from ordering, depending on the size.

But we can also change the sizes and colours to suit your specifications if there is something you like but would prefer in a different style or size. We can also quote you for your own designer rug, to your own order specifications and design. It doesn't even have to have a tennis theme, although, obviously we'd be mortally offended and want to keep that quiet by sending it to you in an unmarked packaging!

For all rug enquiries, or to find out more about designing your own rug, or customising one of ours, just call us on 0845 459 1990 or email our design team on: info@thetennisemporium.com